How to File ITR – Income Tax Government Portal

by Vanshika Gaba

The government of India has launched an all-new e-filing portal. E-filing has never been this convenient and quick. The updated version of the website has made the process easy and simplified.

The website is very easygoing and has few steps for every process. Filing of ITR, verification, and payment has never been this stress-free.

Income tax

Steps to file ITR

1. Download:

The appropriate form must be downloaded from the portal. You will find the prescribed form under your prescribed tab naming “Return/ forms applicable to me”. You can use the below-mentioned link to reach the website:

2. Before filing make sure:

  • Link your Aadhar and PAN card.
  • Link your bank account from where you will pay tax and receive a refund.
  • File the return within a prescribed time period, or you have to pay fines.
  • If you receive any notice, file the response or ask for help.
  • Verify your return either manually or through the e-verify method.

3. File, compile and recheck:

You have to fill the downloaded form with due care. Then compile the documents necessary for the filing. Identify the total income, deductions, and interest. Recheck the form details like PAN, permanent address, contact details, bank account details, etc. are correct in the pre-filled data. If you have to pay any taxes, then do it with any suitable method.

4. Submit:

After checking all exemptions and return. Then file the return, you can e-verify your return. If you wish you can verify the return manually and send the signed physical copy of the ITR-V Acknowledgement to the registered office within 120 days.

Key Analysis

The website has undergone a great transformation. These major changes in the outlook of the website have definitely made it easy to understand and work with. It just takes 3-4 steps to file ITR which used to be really lengthy and time-consuming.

The persona classification made it even easier to understand and work with. When you open the site you will find the top tabs stating all the differentiations. The categories are further briefed with forms, deductions, downloads, guidance, and more.

There are many videos posted in the help section so that users can understand the process and work accordingly. The website has made the process easy and user-friendly which will help India in the digitalization process.

The site is claimed to be more accessible and speedy. An app is designed for this purpose which would be available for IOS and android.

To know more about the previous process and working check out this article: HOW TO FILE ITR ONLINE – Industry Freak


Is income tax new site launched?

Yes, the new site of the Income-tax department is launched on 7th June 2021. The site has completely transformed and is very user-friendly.

How can i file my ITR in 2020?

You can simply file your ITR in 2020-2021 by following these steps:
-Open the portal and log in.
-You will find tabs on the top select the one according to your user type and start filing the prescribed form.
-After filing the form and attaching the documents, you can submit the return.
-Finally, verify the ITR which can be done online as well as offline.

How can i file ITR online for salaried employees?

One can simply go to the new ITR portal and tap on “individual” then select “Salaried employees” and start filing the prescribed form. You can even know the details of exemptions, forms, slab rates on the portal.

What features are available on new Income tax website?

New income tax website has features like- easy linking of Aadhar, pan, e-verify return, e-pay taxes and much more.

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