Ultimate hack to getting discount on any brand online

by Shubham Goel
Save money on online shopping

Do you love to get the discounts while shopping online ? If yes, follow this step by step guide –

Step 1

Go to Facebook Ads Library – https://www.facebook.com/ads/library/

Step 2

Choose your country where you want to order the products.

Step – 3

Select Ad Category and click on all ads.

Step – 4

Search the name of the brand you are looking to get the discount from. And click on the suggested brand name of the page below.

Note – There might be a case in which you are searching for a name of a brand and it doesn’t appear in the suggestion below. It might happen because the name of the Facebook page the brand is using might be a bit different from the exact brand name you know. In such situations go to the brand website and find the Facebook page link on the website. Click on it and you can see the exact Facebook page name that the brand is using and search the exact same in the Facebook Ad library to get the discount list from the brand.

Step – 5

Voila! Look for all the discounts that brand is running and use the discount codes or links while you shop for that brand online.

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