Top 20 Fashion Tips for Men: Men’s Fashion Guide

Mens fashion trends

The ability to dress stylishly can be comprehended throughout life, gradually improving your image. However, the main advantage of men’s clothing is that it is quite conservative. Therefore, to look stylish, a man just needs to remember a few elementary rules, allowing him to be called a fashionable guy.

Tip 1 – Choose the right color

Tip 1 on mens fashion style guide-men’s style is the combination of colors in clothes

There are no completely identical people in the world. Even twins are unique in their own way. Eyes, hair, facial features, figure, posture, gestures – all these are individual features. The most important element in the formation of men’s style is the combination of colors in clothes.

Here, you can’t do without experiments. In addition to generally accepted principles, the selection of color elements depends on the individual. If you want to be stylish and find ladies for marriage, then get rid of beliefs like “this is my favorite color and that’s it.” Follow the rules and advice of specialist and mens fashion guide.

Tip 2 – Be selective about clothing

Tip 2 on mens fashion guide - Be selective about clothing

To daily surprise the surrounding people in a new stylish way, it is not necessary to have a large wardrobe. It is enough to purchase a few quality things and accessories that perfectly match your appearance. Your wardrobe should consist of different outfits that should be worn, focusing on the situation in the planned location.

If for attending a party in the circle of friends, it is optimal to wear a suit with catchy details and accessories with an expressive design, then for a business meeting, you need to choose a stylish men’s shirt and a strict jacket of discreet color.

Tip 3 – Replenish your wardrobe with exclusively high-quality items

Tip 3 on mens fashion guide - Replenish your wardrobe with exclusively high-quality items

This is a characteristic feature of the owner of good taste and sense of style. Once and for all, forget the way to budget stores and second-hand stores. There you can never buy clothes that can give you an expensive look. Things made of cheap fabric quickly wear out, emphasize your financial failure, and make you invisible among the surrounding men. If you are wondering how to look expensive, then such places are definitely not for you.

Tip 4 – Don’t be afraid of white shirts

Tip 4 for mens fashion guide - Don’t be afraid of white shirts

Don’t ignore this element of the wardrobe. Boldly combine it with men’s jackets, sweaters, cardigans in a casual style. The white shirt gives the appearance of presentability and allows you to combine contrasting shades.

This color is considered basic and perfectly harmonizes with a wide range of palettes: red, burgundy, blue, brown, dark green, terracotta, cherry, gray, and so on. A white shirt looks nice not only in an office style. It also emphasizes your image in everyday life.

Tip 5 – Buy several pairs of stylish shoes

Tip 5 - Buy several pairs of mens fashionable stylish shoes

Men’s fashion guide tip 5 – Perfectly clean shoes help look expensive, despite the intense rhythm of life. When you first meet with a business partner or a girl you like, it’s important not only to wear a spectacular suit but also shoes that are perfect for it. Therefore, you must have several pairs of shoes designed for special occasions. But remember that shoes wear out much faster than clothes.

Tip 6 – Wear classic jeans

Tip 6 for mens fashion guide - Wear classic jeans

Stylists recommend including two jeans in the basic wardrobe: dark (black, gray, graphite) and classic blue. They make the image lively, and the options for combining with the top are mobile. Silhouette sweaters, large knit cardigans, and loose sweatshirts with prints will look nice with jeans.

Tip 7 – Buy different T-shirts

Tip 7 - Buy different T-shirts

This versatile men’s fashionable wardrobe item is suitable for any occasion. It is important to get in color and find the combination that will make the ensemble as suitable as possible for a specific color type. Carefully select the texture, trying to avoid glossy fabrics, synthetics – it looks cheap and is not comfortable to wear.

Tip 8 – Add a checkered shirt to your wardrobe

Tip 8 for mens fashion trend guide - Add a checkered shirt to your wardrobe

This is men’s classic fashion style, which will never go out of style and pleases gentlemen with new color variations every year. Briefly about current trends: it is green with red and blue with beige.

Tip 9 – 50 shades of black

Tip 9 for mens fashion guide - 50 shades of black

Black has many variations – it can go in brown, blue, gray and even burgundy. Therefore, when combining elements of black clothing in one ensemble, remember this and pay attention to the color tone. Regardless of the lighting, the difference will be visible. The best option is to either combine elements in contrast or buy sets.

Tip 10 – Minimalism in prints

Tip 10 for mens fashion guide - Minimalism in prints

No variegation, small inscriptions, dense, large drawings, and shiny texture – leave it all to women. Choose sweatshirts or sweatshirts made in a minimalist style. Use two or three shades. With prints, you need to be especially careful. If you are overweight, then it is better to choose a vertical strip.

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Tip 11 – Buy a watch

Tip 11 for mens fashion trends - Buy a watch

This accessory deserves special attention. A watch is an attribute of a respectable image of a businessman. If you want to impress, don’t save on a purchase, choose a model that will last a long time and effectively complement your look. An important point to pay attention to is the color and material of the strap. Metal and leather are classic. Ideally, your watch, belt, shoes, and the bag should be of the same color. In your arsenal, there should be several models of watches that can be matched to various textures and the range of clothes.

Tip 12 – Find nice loafers

Tip 12 for mens fashion trends guide - Find nice loafers

These shoes can be seen at almost every fashion show of the autumn-winter collections 2019. Brown, burgundy, cherry, emerald, terracotta, ink, graphite, gray, black – the models are presented in a rich palette. The main thing is to decide on the form that suits you. First of all, your shoes should be comfortable.

Tip 13 – Add gloves to your image

Tip 13 for mens fashion trends - Add gloves to your image

This is one of the accessories that solves two problems at once – it brings stylish accents to the image and gives comfort. Harmoniously matched in color, leather or suede gloves are an attribute of a real man who builds his look in detail in accordance with current trends.

Tip 14 – Choose clothes by your size

Tip 14 for mens fashion trends guide - Choose clothes by your size

Women are better able to choose their own clothes according to their shape, hiding flaws and emphasizing advantages. Men often don’t even really know their size. For example, your jackets, shirts, and jeans shouldn’t make you look like a shapeless bag and sleeves shouldn’t go beyond the line of the palm.

Tip 15 – No need to fear pink

Tip 15 for mens fashion trends - No need to fear pink

There is something enticing in this color. A man in a pink shirt or jacket is the embodiment of confidence and sensuality. Pink attracts women on a subconscious level – don’t hesitate, the female look will certainly linger on you a little longer than on the others if there is something pink in your suit. A solid business suit can be complemented with an elegant pink shirt or tie.

Tip 16 – Pay attention to ultramarine

Tip 16 for mens fashion trends- Pay attention to ultramarine

Ultramarine is the same blue, only brighter. This shade pleasantly refreshes the skin tone and is perfect for a shirt. It adds the extra coolness to your style and you would definitely feel more confident wearing it.

Tip 17 – Choose the right perfume

Tip 17 for mens fashion trends guide - Choose the right perfume

Buy a few perfumes for all occasions. In summer, use a lighter and fresher aroma. Try to find a perfume that contains notes of musk, green leaf, hyacinth, etc. Classic men’s fragrances are Eternity by Calvin Klein, Lacoste Essential and Fahrenheit by Dior.

Tip 18 – Don’t wear sunglasses on your head

Tip 18 - Don’t wear sunglasses on your head

Keeping your sunglasses on your head seems to be the natural thing to do for most people. But watch out the hair products can smear on the lenses and in some cases, the chemicals can cause damage to the shades. Also, keeping them on your head for long can loosen the frame.

Tip 19 – Decide on your own style

Tip 19 on mens fashion trends gude - Decide on your own style

Real style is not a big name on the label, but the ability to harmoniously combine things regardless of their brand. Certain styles look better for your shape than others do. Don’t convince yourself that you should be able to wear everything.

Tip 20 – Pay special attention to your tuxedo

Tip 20 - Pay special attention to your tuxedo

The deep dark blue color of the tuxedo is a great alternative to classic black. According to Edward VIII, dark blue looks “blacker than black” under artificial lighting. With a tuxedo, you should wear only patent-leather shoes. The other options will look like you walked miles along a dusty road.

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