What Does Video Post Production Consist Of ?

Video Production

What is post-production, why is it needed, what to do and who is to blame? To these questions, a person who was lucky enough to work in the world of cinema and TV answers, perhaps, about a couple of times a week. Genuine interest arises due to the fact that almost 100% of the population of the western world consumers of video content and only a few possess unique knowledge about how it works from the inside.

In this article, we will try to describe in detail the final stage of production – post-production, and leave behind the period of the filming process itself and the period of preparation for it (pre-production).

The importance of post-production can hardly be overestimated, especially at the present time, because in addition to editing and color correction, there are also visual effects (VFX), which are improved from year to year. As a rule, the post-production of every post-production company consists of four stages:

  • Montage;
  • Color correction;
  • Sound;
  • Visual effects (VFX).


The montage process is the compilation of footage, it is when you cut out everything that you don’t need and assemble everything that you do. In fact, the preliminary montage begins on the set, in order to see something that resembles the final product. The quality and accessibility of the semantic load for the viewer depending on how competently the material is montaged. The use of professionals in this position will not be able to completely save the project if you had an unskilled operator. But the editing director will be able to help you avoid additional shifts and expenses if he has the footage that is good enough. They are able to find the missing parts of the semantic puzzle where you wouldn’t even think to look for them.

Color correction

Color correction is the process of adjustment of color components. Professionals also do not recommend neglecting this post-production aspect. It is wise to be cautious, especially in light of the trends of recent years. The requirements for the visuals do not stop growing. This block of work is no less important than the rest. The color scheme and tonality can create an atmosphere, as well as help the viewer instantly navigate and understand what they are offered to watch – something melodramatic (colors are dull, muffled) or entertaining (colors are bright, saturated).


Sound – work with audio content when creating a movie or advertisement, the task is complex, painstaking, and very important. And, of course, as in the previous paragraphs suggest, when working with sound, a lot depends on the initial budget of your project. If you do not have the means, then stock audio recordings and the simplest methods of editing will help you to make some positive changes to the overall product. If the quality of the final product is the most important thing for you, then the invested funds will pay off with interest. An experienced post-production producer will distribute them in such a way that a sound engineer, composer, music editor, sound designer, etc. participate in the work on the project. And believe me, such a team is capable of a result that is ready to exceed all your expectations.

Visual effects (VFX, CGI, Motion)

Visual effects are the last on this list but in no means least in terms of importance. Creating visual effects is an incredibly complex stage of production. Burning skyscrapers, spaceships, all this can now be seen on the screen solely thanks to the invention of visual effects. In general, all graphics can be divided into 3 areas: CG, VFX, and Motion Graphics.

Do not be mistaken in thinking that having shot the necessary material, the work is finished. As the long-term practice shows, often the video processing period can become even longer and more painstaking than the shoot itself. Do not forget that if you go cheap during the post-production stage, you can lose 100% of the result from the

previous work, and the quality is the most important thing here. Post-production is the final stage of production and all the other work depends on it, so never dismiss its importance.

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