Top 15 Viu Indian Hindi Web Series

Viu Indian Hindi Web Series
Viu Indian Hindi Web Series

In the era of growing technology, we have seen that from watching movies, serials, etc. on T.V. and stick on the couch comfortably to watching web series, movies, videos on our laptop, mobile or on computer.

We always want to be comfortable and have fun or entertainment, and today’s technologies made this easy.

Now, there are many apps, and websites are available for watching webs series, movies, and videos.

One of them is Viu, Viu is launched in Hong Kong and owned by PCCW. It is a video service initially, and it has 20 million active users at present all over the world, and basically in South Asia and South-East Asia.

Viu has both freemium and premium account user. Freemium account allows you to watch only those shows which are free of cost.

 While premium account will charge you some money for the membership, and it will enable you to view all shows on Viu.

So, we have consolidated some Viu Originals web series for you and Today going to tell you about Top 15 Viu Hindi Web series.

1. It Happened In Hong Kong

It happened in Hong Kong Viu Web series
IMDb Ratings 7.3
Directed By Lakshya Raj Ananad
Written By Amol Parashar
Shyni Shetty
Starring Ahana Kumara
Amol Parashar
No. of Episodes4

It happened in Hong Kong is a mini web series available on Viu. The drama-romance and comedy series is a story of two strangers, Amol and Ahana. This series brings love in the air feel. It also includes the experience of traveling and meeting new people. It happened in Hong Kong the journey of having the best part of life. Ahana and Amol met each other at a trip to Hong Kong, and then they fall in love with each other.

Does it carry a bunch of questions like It has any Ending or not? Will they meet again in life or not?

Sounds interesting! We recommend you to watch it once! It tops the list of Viu Indian Hindi Web Series.

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2. Love Lust and Confusion (Season-1)

Love Lust and Confusion (season-1) viu hindi web series
IMDb Ratings 5.9
Starring Tara Alisha Berry
Rajat Bermecha
Ankit Batla
No. of Episodes13

The Love, Lust & Confusion is a drama-romance web series on Viu. The series is about love, desires, and wonders of a human being. Poromita Sarkar, a small-town girl, live in Kolkata and getting married to her childhood love Rohit. She wanted to spend her quality time for herself and she want to complete her personal diary’s admires before marriage, so, she decided to go to Mumbai to admire her dreams.

She becomes an illustrator for a company in Mumbai where she experiences someone’s life and writes a description of it. She met many new people and to explore and feel that the person she used to sleep with them. This job made her confused about her thoughts as she fell in love with a drummer named Johnny. But, in the end, she found Johnny with his ex-girlfriend. Now, the question is she get cheated?

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3. Love Lust and Confusion (Season-2)

Love Lust Confusion (season-2) viu web series
IMDb Ratings 7.9
Starring Tara Alisha Berry
Rajat Bermecha
Ankit Batla
No. of Episodes13

The Love, Lust & Confusion-2 is another season of previous web series available on Viu. The last series, as mentioned above, it is a story of a small-town girl, Poromita Sarkar who live in Kolkata and getting married to her childhood love Rohit. She has many desires and admires to complete her personal diaries list. As she moves Mumbai, she found herself in many circumstances of her life about her love, her lust and it creates a lot of trouble and confusion.

Besides her lust and confusion in this series, she wants to find her love, soulmate, and a life partner. She resolute to not to get attached with someone and made a not-to-do list but she got failure in that.

In the end, she becomes more confused about her life choices. The ending becomes a mystery between four boys.

Now, watch whom she chooses to become her life partner. It’s 3rd on the list of Viu Indian Hindi Web Series.

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4. Spotlight (Season-1)

Spotlight (season-1) viu series
IMDb Ratings 7.8
Written By Vikram Bhatt
Starring Sid Makkar
Arbaaz Ali Moghul
Tridha Choudhary
No. of Episodes10

The Spotlight is a drama hindi web series available on Viu. It is a life story of famous actress Sana Sanyal. The 10-episode web series revolves around the ups and downs and struggles of becoming a star and the untold truth of Bollywood Life. It describes that if you want to achieve something in your life, then no one stops you from doing so. The best part of the series is that it is an encouraging and motivating series ever.

You will love it if you watch.

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5. Spotlight (Season-2)

Spotlight (Season-2) viu indian hindi webseries

Spotlight 2 is barely different from the last season. In this season, there is a lot of drama, romance, passion, emotions, and also dedication. Spotlight 2 is the story of a boy named Vicky, a superstar. The rockstar and successful music star were dealing with the insecurities of his personal life. He was in a turbulent relationship with his childhood friend, Jyothika. He becomes a singing sensation overnight, and this comes to show the truth after stardom. All of his life becomes complicated and distressful.

We recommend you to watch this once! The public response and the popularity of this series is on demand. It’s 5th on the list of Viu Indian Hindi Web Series.

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6. Banned

Banned indian hindi web series
IMDb Ratings 7.4
Starring Vivek Mushran
Sahil Anand
Shivani Joshi
Deepak Kalra
Paresh Pahuja
Sheetal Thakur
No. of Episodes13

Banned is a musical-romance and comedy web series available on Viu. The Banned is a story of four boys from a small-town, Sirsa, wanted to start their band. It is a journey of becoming national heroes and a scandal. These unsuspecting boys become a super sensational star overnight because Music can make youth rebellion, artistic expression, and political statement.

As we know, Music is a way to show our emotions and feelings.

In their innocence and being a college rebellion, they made a song, and it becomes a curse for them and a political issue also. But in the end, this considers boon for them, and they become famous.

We suggest you watch it once it will make you inspired as well as love for your country.

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7. Kaushiki

Kaushiki indian web series
IMDb Ratings 6.9
Starring Shayni Gupta
Omkar Kapoor
Namit Das
No. of Episodes13

Kaushiki is a drama-romance and thriller web series available on Viu. Kaushiki revolves around the story of a group of friends who have to darker secrets, and they pretend themselves as their life never goes wrong, and they were spending their life carefree and carelessly. But inside all of them, there were some mistakes and regrets that can ruin their life one just one second. This show shows the real face among friendship, romance, and love.

Must watch the show! You will love it! It’s 7th on the list of Viu Indian Hindi Web Series.

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8. Wedding Khichdi

Wedding Khichdi Indian Web series
Starring Abhijit Daddala
Varshini Sounderjan
No. of Episodes10

The Wedding Khichdi is a family drama-comedy and sweet love story web series available on Viu. The series revolves around the story of Varun and Jaggu, who ran away from their wedding. Now, families want them to get married but after they were ready families refused from the wedding. But at last, they got happily married after making lots of effort and drama. They fell in love with each other and the bickering.

It is full of comedy and family drama; it will make you laugh louder!

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9. Chhaliya

Chhaliya Indian Hindi Web series
Directed By Pavan Sadhnani
Starring Aniruddha Thotapalli
Dhanya Balakrishna
No. of Episodes10

The Chhaliya is a drama, suspense web series available on Viu. The web series is about a fun-loving carefree, and a light-hearted girl goes into a party, and after-party, she found herself pregnant. The whole series revolves around how she managed and what happened to her.

This story introduces a lesson to teenagers. This show gives light on does and doesn’t in your life to save and secure you.

This show might be exciting! You must watch it once!

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10. Social

Social viu original webseries
Directed By Shashi Saudigala
Starring Rana Duggubatti
Navin Kasturia
No. of Episodes13

Social is drama and thriller hindi web series available on Viu. Social is basically on the technology we are using right now.  The series stars Rana Duggubatti as Vikram Sampat, a tech entrepreneur, made a massive social media movement to find a girl. As they were trying to find all abilities to catch the girl, one day, the girl’s brother found something on her social media account. The things made him surprised, and it was irrealistic.

Based on the excellent and adverse impact of technology on a human being, this series will be a best and informative thing to you. Watch it once. It’s 10th on the list of Viu Indian Hindi Web Series.

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11. Truth or Tamannah

Truth or Tamanna Indian Webseries
IMDb Ratings 8.6
Starring Priyansh Jora
Abhitesh Khajuria
Vrushika Mehta
No. of Episodes13

Truth or Tammanah is a drama-thriller-romance web series on Viu. The series is about Tammanah and Dhruv, they both love each other and as -a normal couple they want to spend their life together. They decided to go to London and then the mystery happens. At the airport, Tammanah disappears, and Dhruv tries a lot to find her but he couldn’t. He had done him all effort to see her, and the whole series revolves around the investigation of Tammanah just for an answer.

Interesting! The stimulating effect will interest you more. It will make you think about where she gone and what happened to her?

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12. Memories

Memories Indian Webseries
IMDb Ratings 8
Starring Priyal Gaur
Madan Joshi
Surleen Kaur
Rohit Roy
No. of Episodes13

This Viu indian web series is full of drama-thriller and romance. The content is about a famous and trending anchor Siddartha on the news channel ‘India Now.’ Along with his being renowned personality, he has also had unusual superpowers. Siddhartha blessed with the superpower where he could know any dead body’s memories either they are good or bad. He was able to see a dead body’s life like a movie and many memories like secrets, the reason for death, their secrets, etc. by touching them.

The superpower helps police to solve the mystery of any one’s death.

The stimulating effect and stories will interest you a lot, and the way episodes made, it will increase your curiosity. We suggest you watch this series once! It’s 12th on the list of Viu Indian Hindi Web Series.

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13. I Can You Can

I can You can Viu Indian Hindi Web Series
Starring Millind Soman
No. of Episodes6

Viu web series decided to give some different content to the world. I can You can is a drama-thriller and traveling web series which stars Millind Soman along with three friends.  This six-episode web series is different from other web series out there. It is a journey of four people to Mt. Everest. In the tour, they visit many places like Lukla to Pakding to Jorsale where they found new friends. They walk together for hours and hours.

This web series is such beautifully created, and if you love nature, then it will make you crazy and say just one word, WOW!

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14. Paisa Vasool

Paisa Vasool Indian Hindi web series
Directed By Dharmesh Joshi
Starring Deepal Doshi
Mahnaz Damania
No. of Episodes13

The Paisa Vasool is 13 episodes web series available on Viu. The series is full of drama-comedy content, where two stars Deepal Doshi and Mehnaz Damania give reviews and some comedy reactions on movies or different topics. They take Bollywood gossips as there content and review it funnily.  They also have different characters like Haraynvi person, Bollywood lover, etc. who give their own perspective on the content.

The art and style of these two will make you laugh so hard, and you will love the punch lines and irrespective jokes. It’s 14th on the list of Viu Indian Hindi Web Series.

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15. Bolly Pranks

Bolly Pranks Webseries

Bolly Pranks is a comedy-drama web series available on Viu. The Bolly Pranks is on one of the best indian hindi webseries of Viu, and it is vital also. The name of the series sounds like something related to Bollywood, but no it’s not like that. Every time whenever you see Bolly Pranks, you will never fail to laugh louder.

Bolly Pranks stars Rishabh Mehndiratta, who plays different Bollywood characters in every episode and make that character in the laughing sense. The personalities like Jolly L.L.B’s Akshay, Sarkar Raj’s Amitabh Bachchan and more. Every episode of Bolly Pranks uploaded on Tuesday.

You will love the series, and we must say, watch it once!

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