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Our favorite classic superhero Superman has been serving the people for almost 3 decades now. Ever wonder how many Superman movies are there? Well here’s a list of all of them starting right from the first one. Spoilers ahead!


All Superman Movies in order


superman 1 - 1st film in the list of superman movies

Released – 25 December 1978

IMDb- 7.3/10

Director – Richard Donner

Played by – Christopher Reeve

Superman begins when the planet Krypton is in danger, when Jor-El, the father of Superman, is the only person who knows it and sends his infant son to Earth for refuge. Superman movie shows him growing perfectly into a man as a normal report named Clark Kent.

Clark soon figures out his superhuman abilities are different than that of the mortals around him. He then moves to Metropolis to fight the evil being Superman. He also falls head over heels in love with fellow reporter Lois Lane. Meanwhile, Earth’s biggest criminal Lex Luthor is planning to take over the world with his evil strategies. Superman has to stop him.

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Superman II

Superman 2

Released – 4 December 1980

IMDb – 6.8/10

Director – Richard Lester, Richard Donner

Played by – Christopher Reeve

While saving the Eiffel Tower in Paris from a group of terrorists who threatened to destroy it with a Hydrogen bomb, Superman inadvertently throws the bomb in the outer-space and releases three imprisoned Kryptonite criminals namely Zod, Ursa and Non.

In order to gain his love and start a life with Lois Lane, Clark has to forego of his superpowers before the three criminals arrive on Earth and team up with now released Lex Luthor. After knowing this, Superman admits to regaining his superpower abilities to fight evil criminals and save the planet Earth again. A classic addition to the Superman movies list!

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Superman III

Superman 3

Released – 17 June 1983

IMDb – 5/10

Director – Richard Lester

Played by – Christopher Reeve

In the third one from the Superman movies in order of their release, Superman is invincible after destroying three of his enemies with strength as equal to him. There is no human able to destruct his powers on Earth. But can Superman fight powers that are not even human?

Now enters Augustus “Gus” Gorman, a genius computer programmer, whose talents are discovered and abused by a wealthy businessman names Ross Webster to gain even more economic power. Meanwhile, Clark meets his lost love, Lana Lang, with comfortable ease. However, Gus with his supercomputer is told to build an alter-reality of bad Kryptonite to damage Superman’s powers. Superman thus fights electronic evil powers in this Superman movie.

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Superman IV: Quest For Peace

Superman 4

Released – 24 July 1987

IMDb – 3.7/10

Director – Sidney J Furie

Played by – Christopher Reeve

In the fourth installment from all Superman movies list, Superman IV: Quest For Peace put the first superhero in the Cold War situation where a Nuclear war is about to happen. It’s not as classy as the previous movies, but much more violent and smashing.

Superman this time tries to destroy all nuclear weapons in the world, whereas the dirty guy Lex Luthor creates a radioactive Nuclear Man that runs through solar energy. Despite the powerful fight that is to ensure, Superman saves important places in the world like the Statue of Liberty, Great Wall Of China, Mount Etna to name a few.

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Superman Returns

superman returns

Released – 30 June 2006

IMDb – 6/10

Director – Bryan Singer

Played by – Brandon Routh

Being released several years after previous Superman films, Superman Returns becomes cinematically parallel as Superman comes back after leaving Earth for 5 years to visit his home planet. After returning he finds that the people on Earth have lost their faith in him as their savior.

Surprisingly he finds that his love Lois is now engaged and a mother with no knowledge of a father for her child. The psychopath criminal is back at it again by working on making a continent, built with elements of Kryptonite, to wipe out America. Superman must save the country, the planet and most importantly the faith of humanity.

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Man of Steel

Superman - Man of Steel. Best among superman movies list

Released – 14 June 2013

IMDb – 7.1/10

Director – Zack Snyder

Played by – Henry Cavill

Man of Steel is basically all three original movies wrapped up into one, but all three major acts come together to form a cohesive, sticking story.

It opens on Krypton. It’s a Krypton unlike any that has ever been shown on the big screen before. It’s a world full of massive, unusual creatures and unparalleled technology. The Superman movie then shows Clark Kent on the Earth, discovering his powers and makes way for the storm that’s about to come. There are also the classic battles between Superman and Zod. Unlike the earlier movies in parts, Superman is filled with an emotional way of story-telling packed with massive adventures.

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Batman v/s Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman Vs Superman: One of the best superman movies

Released – 25 March 2016

IMDb – 6.5/10

Director – Zack Snyder

Played by – Henry Cavill

In this highly anticipated movie from Superman all movies, Batman played by Ben Affleck and Superman played by Henry Cavill clash over conflicting philosophies about what kind of heroism is needed to protect the world, while the people they’re protecting are becoming increasingly mindful of the destruction that superheroes and masked vigilantes cause. 

As Bruce Wayne sees Superman as a threat to mankind because of his other-worldly powers, he prepares himself as Batman to stop him. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor is once more plotting the destruction of the world. Whether the heroes fight each other or the evil together is to be guessed out of this Superman movie.

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