Ozora Festival: Psychedelic Festival

People around the globe are divided by different country, tradition, religions and beliefs but united by only one thing, MUSIC and what better opportunity to unite people from different regions if not Music festivals.

Start Date 29 July 2019
End Date 4 August 2019
Location Ozora, Hungary
Official URL https://ozorafestival.eu/
Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/PumpuiCrew
Category EDM Festival
Ticket Price Starts at 140 EUR

The annual arts and music festival is organized in Ozora, Hungary, with a particular subgenre of trance music, named Psychedelic trance is the highlight.

The festival is organized generally in late July and early August and is one of the best ways to spend summer vacation with good music and vibes around. The high tempo coupled with the peculiar arrangement of rhythms is what makes Psychedelic trance the music of this generation.

The visuals created by the arts displaying the master talents from around the globe have made OZORA festival pretty famous in a very short span of time and has been successful in gathering huge amount of crowd every successive year.


Ozora Festival History

The very early traces of Ozora festival goes back to 1999 but under the name Solipse, which was organized in a village nearby Dadpuszta as a celebration of an eclipse.

Owing to the huge success of Solipse, the organizers came up with the festival again in 2004 and this time it was named OZORA. Since then the family of Ozora has kept on increasing with new and more crowd joining in every next year, as per few records the number of attendees was around 60,000 in 2016.

The sudden death of the founder in 2018 was a sad event in the Ozora timeline, but soon the responsibility was passed on to his sons and we hope they live up to our expectations in the upcoming 2019 edition of the fest.

The venue comprises of multiple stages, the main stage being the biggest of them all showcasing all the psytrance music acts. The second biggest stage at Ozora festival, Pum Pui stage is situated inside a tent on a hillside with the main focus on mid-tempo psychedelic flavored Techno and Deep House kind of music.

The Chill Dome, Dragons Nest, Ambyss are the other few stages which offer different genres of music to the visitors, a perfect blend of different music types is what the crowd craves for and it’s the vibe that makes even a non-dancer go crazy and show some extra amazing dance skills.

OZORA 2019

Ozora 2019

The upcoming Ozora festival is scheduled to be organized from 29th July to 04th August 2019 at Dadpuszta, Hungary. Looking at the craze in public mainly the younger generation, we expect a huge number of crowd and the event to be a great success. 

Line up 2019

As per the current updates, a total of 132 acts will play in the upcoming edition of OZORA festival. The list of the artists performing and the genre is given below:

  • Goa // Psy : Dickster, Ace Ventura, Ajja, Captain Hook, Hypogeo, Atmos, Burn In Noise, Giuseppe, Justin Chaos, Regan, Arjuna, James Morno, Emok, Sonic Species, Justin Chaos, Kaya, Space Tribe, Dakshinamurti, E-clip, Confo, Parasense, Phobos, Kox Box, Raja Ram, Electric Universe, Antonymous, Astral Projection, Tsubi, Back  To Mars, Hatta, Skizologic, Rising dust, Hujaboy, Martian Arts, Val Vashar, DJ Psysex, EVP, Spiky, Hallucinogen, Rezonant, ManMachine, Majide, Yuta, Gotalien, Alpha Portal, Psykovsky, Pspiralife, Stereoxide, Mimic Vat, Tron, Blue Planet Corporation, Volcano, ManMadeMan, Synkronic, Archaic,Deedrah, Bruce, Chromatone, Asimilon, Shiva Valley, Nobot, Animalien, Yudhisthira, Irgum Burgum, DJ Starling, Meltingn Point, Janux and Aurafood.
  • Chillout // Down Tempo: Govinda, Kukan dUd Lagan, Gaudi, Viken Arman, Solar Fields, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Bwoy de Bhajan, Asura, Nick Interchill, Goatika, Deepsønøs, Darshan, Häana, Darshan, Pedra Branca ,Mara, Aliji, Molécule, Nanoplex, NITIN, Jossie Telch, Extrawelt,Der Dritte Raum, Stellar, Sensient, Fishimself, Josko, Filterheads and Ishdub
  • House // Deep House: Suhov, Sage, Martin Roth, My Baby, Dennis, Changing Grey, Mark Ernestus and Shpongle
  • Trance: Gaia, Liquid Soul, Triforce, Marcus Henriksson, Astrix, Animato, Sumiruna and Voodoo
  • Hardcore // Hardstyle: DJ Kaos, Quest, Gamma and MC Static
  • Progressive House // EDM: Dr. Space, DJ Ball and DJ Andi
  • Drum & Bass: Zion Train, Fabio and Vertical
  • Dubstep // Trap // Bass: Bl3nd, Konstantin and Dang3r
  • Electro // POP: Ott, Tristan and Chancha Via Circuito
  • Experimental: Ndagga

Tickets 2019

The early bird tickets have been made available from 21st January 2019. The charges of the tickets are as follows:

Presale first phase: 140 EUR plus the service taxes.

Presale second phase: 185 EUR plus the service taxes.

On gate sale: 220 EUR plus the service taxes.

Tickets are not available for one day or for daily basis or weekend basis, the only option available is for the entire fest which is scheduled to be held from 29th July to 4th August. The price of the ticket might seem a bit high but looking at the fact that it covers the entire 6 days event along with pre and post fest party we realize how reasonable the price is.

A valid id is required while booking the ticket and the same id is required at the entry gate for getting a wristband in order to get the privilege of entry to the venue. Tickets are non-refundable but can be transferred to a new owner taking care of the rules and guideline.

Child registration (under 14)

Children under the age of 14 can be allowed inside the festival only if some adult is accompanying them, apart from the filling the child registration form available on the Ozora official website. The entry for visitors under the age of 14 is free of cost, they receive a wrist band with an ID number on it at the time of entry to the venue. Children between the age of 14 to 18 don’t need to fill the child registration form prior, but they do need an elderly person with a valid ID and ticket to accompany them.

The 2019 edition of Ozora is already on count down, the early bird tickets are getting sold out very fast, the crowd is excited, the organizers are pumped up, the artists are prepared with their tracks already, and we can’t wait to see what Ozora 2019 has for us.

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