31 Best Travel Movies That You Should Watch

In this busy monotonous daily life,  you definitely need some change of pace to mix thrill or hype in your life. Have you ever felt to pack your bag and set off to a new place to explore? Well, if not, then this article will make you. In this article, I am going to discuss such spectacular wanderlust movies that will enzyme your quench for wandering.I have enlisted below the name of some best travel movies of all time according to IMDb rating (high to low).

Which Are The Best Travel Movies?

1. Riding Solo To The Top Of The World

Riding Solo To The Top Of The World ranks number 1 on the list of best travel movies

IMDb ratings- 8.1/10

Directed by – Gaurav Jani

Written by – Gaurav Jani

Starring- Gaurav Jani

Released date- 1 November 2006

Run time – 1h 34m

This is a documentary and wanderlust movie following the footstep of the directer. This depicts film director Gaurav Jani’s solo journey on motorcycle from Mumbai to the Changthang Plateau in Ladakh, the top most places in the world.

He sets off alone with a camera and a motorcycle and embarks on a journey to one of the world’s most dangerous landscapes which gives him an opportunity to discover his true self. It ranks number 1 on the list of best travel movies.

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2. Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise ranks number 2 on the list of best travel movies

IMDb ratings- 8.1/10

Directed by – Richard Linklater

Written by – Kim Krizan

Starring- Julie Delpy, Ethan Hawke

Released date- 19 January 1995

Run time – 1h 45m

An American man Jesse meets an European woman Céline on a train departing from Budapest and has an engaging conversation with her. They have to part away from Vienna. So they spend as much time as they can together.

Jesse comes to know that Céline has broken up with her boyfriend as she interact with him too much. Céline learns that Jesse broke up with his girlfriend as she was ignoring him. Jesse falls for Céline.

They spend their last night together wandering around the city. They promise to not share the contact information and meet after six months from that day on the same place again. It ranks number 2 on the list of best travel movies.

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3. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara ranks number 3 on the list of best travel movies

IMDb ratings- 8.1/10

Directed by – Zoya Akhtar

Written by – Reema Kagti

Starring- Farhan Akhtar, Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol

Released date- 15 July 2011

Run time – 2h 35m

This is an entertaining travel movie depicting the self-adventure partaken by three close friends from childhood. Kabir determines to go for a bachelor trip with his childhood-mate Imran and Arjun and sets off to Spain. They decide some adventurous quest for themselves.

First, they decide to scuba dive. Arjun, despite not knowing to swim, completes his quest taking help from a friend. Next quest is skydiving. Imran overcomes his fear in this task. And their final quest is to run with the bulls. They vow to face the challenge if they can return safe after this final quest. It ranks number 3 on the list of best travel movies.

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4. Into the Wild

 Into the Wild ranks number 4 on the list of best travel movies

IMDb ratings- 8.1/10

Directed by –  Sean Penn

Written by – Jon Krakauer

Starring- Marcia Gay Harden, Emile Hirsch, William Hurt

Released date- 21 September 2007

Run time – 2h 28m

This is a wanderlust movie about a bright boy ignoring his city life delves into the wild nature. Christopher McCandless comes to a distant region of northern Alaska. He roams in the wild and arranges a camp in a vacant bus. At first, McCandless is satisfied with the intimacy, the refinement of nature and the elation of moving out of the country.

He spends his days hunting,  reading books, and writing a diary of his feelings as he readies himself for an exotic life in the wild. Near Lake Mead, his car becomes useless and he leaves it behind. He moves forward, meets new people, and visits Northern California, South Dakota, Los Angeles and many more. It ranks number 4 on the list of best travel movies.

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5. Central Station

Central Station ranks number 5 on the list of best travel movies

IMDb ratings- 8/10

Directed by – Walter Salles

Written by – Walter Salles

Starring- Vinícius de Oliveira, Fernanda Montenegro, Marília Pêra

Released date- 16 January 1998

Run time – 1h 55m

Dora is a retired teacher who has become acidulate. She earns money at the central station of Rio de Janeiro by writing messages for uneducated clients. She can be uneasy with her clients and sometimes does not post the letters she writes, tearing up or keeping them in drawers.

A poor young boy Josué has seen his father but wishes to find him. His mother is a client of Dora who writes a letter on behalf of her and sends it to his father. She wishes to meet him soon.

But she is killed in an accident leaving her son homeless. Dora does an ill deed to him but soon correct herself and sets off to Northeastern Brazil with the boy to reunited with his father.

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6. A Map of Saturday

A Map of Saturday

IMDb ratings- 7.8/10

Directed by – Brook Silva-Braga

Written by – Brook Silva-Braga

Starring- Brook Silva-Braga

Released date- 22 April 2007

Run time – 1h 30m

Famous American film producer Brook Silva-Braga makes an entertaining documentary travel movie. He sets off to roam about all over the world capturing the beauty of nature in his video camera.

Every stranger becomes a close friend on Saturday as it is to bid goodbye tomorrow.  He stops in hotels around the world and show us the wonderful places and engaging adventure throughout Southeast Asia, Australia, London, Thailand, Nepal, Brazil. He meets new people from the hotels and fellow travelers, interviews them and explores. It ranks number 6 on the list of best travel movies.

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7. The Endless Summer

The Endless Summer ranks number 7 on the list of best travel movies

IMDb ratings- 7.8/10

Directed by – Bruce Brown

Written by – Bruce Brown

Starring- Robert August, Mike Hynson, Miki Dora

Released date- 15 June 1996

Run time – 1h 35m

As a wanderlust movie, it depicts the desire of wandering and the narrator Bruce Brown’s surfing journey while chasing Robert August and Mike Hynson. They visit the coastal Australia, Tahiti, New Zealand, Hawaii, Ghana, Senegal and South Africa to explore the undiscovered surfing spots and introduce the joy of surfing to the people.

They travel through several places in summer and turn it to a numerous endless experience of exploring. This film deviates from the monotony of typical documentary film and introduces interactive narration.

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8. The Motorcycle Diaries

The Motorcycle Diaries

IMDb ratings- 7.8/10

Directed by – Walter Salles

Written by – Che Guevara

Starring- Rodrigo de la Serna, Gael García Bernal, Mercedes Morán

Released date- 15 January 2004

Run time – 2h 6m

This is a great travel movie which not only depicts the places but also includes the people as well. Ernesto Guevara, medical student sets out to journey over South America on Motorcycle along with his friend Alberto Granado who is a biochemistry student.

At the end of their trip, they will meet their destination to work in the outcast region of Peru. They intend to enjoy Latin America as much as they can. They visit coastal Chile, desert of Atacama, Peruvian Amazon and Venezuela.

However, their motorcycle gets defected and they have to travel on foot. They realises the miserable life of the poor people on the contrary of rich like them. They also comprehend the injustices faced by them. The experience gained by them on the way turns Guevara an iconic leader of the guerrilla revolution. It ranks number 8 on the list of best travel movies.

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9. In July

In July ranks number 9 on the list of best travel movies

IMDb ratings- 7.7/10

Directed by – Fatih Akin

Written by – Fatih Akin

Starring- Christiane Paul, Moritz Bleibtreu

Released date- 24 August 2000

Run time – 1h 40m

This is a wonderful wanderlust movie full of adventure and fun. The film starts with an eclipse scene. Daniel is a young professor who has done nothing fun in his life and very bored. He meets Juli who gives him a Mayan ring with a “Sun” symbol on it.

She predicts that Daniel will meet someone very special attached to the sun symbol. As Juli has the other part of the ring, she indirectly express she wants to be his dream girl. On a party evening, Daniel meets a Turkish girl named Melek whose clothes has a symbol of sun.

He believes Melek is the one. They spend their evening together by sightseeing in Hamburg. They leave the party to spend the night together and Juli sees them. She becomes very upset and decides to visit Autobahn. The fate brings them together and Daniel takes Juli to meet up with Melek. They travel together over the Southeast Europe.

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10. Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation

IMDb ratings- 7.7/10

Directed by – Sofia Coppola

Written by – Sofia Coppola

Starring- Scarlett Johansson, Bill Murray, Giovanni Ribisi

Released date- 29 August 2003

Run time – 1h 44m

An American film actor Bob Harris comes in Tokyo to shoot an advertisement film about Suntory whiskey. On the other hand, a young college pass-out Charlotte spends her boring life in her lodge while John, her husband, who is a famous photographer, is busy with a chore in Tokyo.

She is not happy to imagine her future with him. On the other hand, Bob’s marital life is not quite happy either. Each day, they happen to meet each other both unable to sleep spending the night chatting together. They travel over the Tokyo, meet Japanese people and enjoy Japanese culture. It ranks number 10 on the list of best travel movies.

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11. Blue Skies, Green Waters, Red Earth

Blue Skies, Green Waters, Red Earth ranks number 11 on the list of best travel movies

IMDb rating- 7.7/20

Directed by- Sameer Thahir

Written by – Hashir Mohamed

Starring- Surja Bala Hijam, Dulquer Salmaan, Sunny Wayne

Released date- 9 August 2013

In Kerala, Kasi sets off for a trip. His best friend named Suni accompanies him and declines to go back when Kasi tells him that he is not certain about the goal even himself. They travel to Orissa.

However, a group of travellers save them and they join them on their trip to Puri to for a surfing festival. From Puri, they travel to Kolkata. After facing several fatal challenge, they fly off to Asam. Then Kasi goes to Nagaland in search for his love.

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12. Encounters At The End Of The World

Encounters At The End Of The World

IMDb ratings- 7.7/10

Directed by – Werner Herzog

Written by – Werner Herzog

Starring-  Ryan Andrew Evans, Werner Herzog, Stefan Pashov

Released date- 1 September 2007

Run time – 1h 41m

This is one of the best travel movies which is a documentary film. Herzog and Peter Zeitlinger take off to Antarctica to watch the civilization there and to explore the unique places reside there.

This is a video coverage. Herzog depicts not only the penguins of Antarctica but also discover the people of the country, their purpose and the terrain. They begin their expedition from McMurdo Station with talking to some supervision and assistance employees along with a geologist named Douglas MacAyeal.

They visit the nearby plot of seal camp undertaken by zoologist named Olav Oftedal. After that, they meet a biologist and other people. It ranks number 12 on the list of best travel movies.

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13. 180° South

180° South ranks number 13 on the list of best travel movies

IMDb ratings- 7.6/10

Directed by – Chris Malloy

Written by – Rick Ridgeway, Chris Malloy

Starring- Doug Tompkins, Yvon Chouinard, Jeff Johnson

Released date- 10 February 2010

Run time – 1h 52m

This remarkable wanderlust movie created by Chris Mallory is born from the longing for exploring in own way. It is a documentary film which depicts the journey of Jeff Johnson on the trail of  Doug Tompkins and Yvon Chouinard.

He discovers their footage of 1968’s trip and makes Patagonia his destination. But instead of land, he decides to make his journey across the sea. On the way, he has to surge, enjoys sailing and attempts climbing. That’s why he is delayed to reach Patagonia to meet Tompkins and Chouinard.

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14. The Adventure of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

The Adventure of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

IMDb ratings- 7.4/10

Directed by – Stephan Elliott

Written by – Stephan Elliott

Starring- Hugo Weaving, Terence Stamp, Guy Pearce

Released date- 10 August 1994

Run time – 1h 44m

This is one of those travel movies which focuses largely on the LGBT community, their feelings and growth. Anthony Belrose was offered to perform his drag act at Lasseters Hotel Casino Resort.

After convincing his friends and fellow actors, Bernadette Bassenger, a cross dresser woman, and Adam Whitely, a drag queen to join him, the trio start their journey which Adam names “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”. On their journey, they meet several people of the LGBT community and gather experience on the way. It ranks number 14 on the list of best travel movies.

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15. The Bucket List

The Bucket List ranks number 15 on the list of best travel movies

IMDb ratings- 7.4/10

Directed by – Rob Reiner

Written by – Justin Zackham

Starring- Morgan Freeman, Jack Nicholson, Sean Hayes

Released date- 15 December 2007

Run time – 1h 37m

A mechanic Carter Chambers and a wealthy health care tycoon Edward Cole meet for the first time in the hospital. Cole has lung cancer at last stage. Carter had made a bucket of list he wanted to do before dying. But when he learns he has only one year to live, he dismisses the list.

Cole has it and requests Carter to follow the list and do everything they can before dying. They enjoy skydiving, go to the North Pole, have dinner in France, visits the Taj Mahal, ride motorcycles over the Great Wall of China, visit a lion safari in Tanzania, and travel to Mt. Everest in Nepal.

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16. The Way

The Way

IMDb ratings- 7.4/10

Directed by – Emilio Estevez

Written by – Emilio Estevez

Starring- Deborah Kara Unger, Martin Sheen, James Nesbitt

Released date- 10 September 2010

Run time – 2h 3m

This wanderlust movie grows along with its female protagonist’s desire to create  Thomas Avery travels to France after the death of his son, Daniel died in the Pyrenees when a storm-lashed. At first, Tom was going to acquire his son’s body.

However, in a due of sorrow and hymn to his son, Tom determines to travel the spiritual path where his son perished, carrying his son’s ashes with him. On the way, he meets an obese Joost waking to burn fat, a Canadian Sarah escaping from her abusive husband and trying to quit smoking, and an Irish writer searching for inspiration to create a great piece of literature. It ranks number 16 on the list of best travel movies.

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17. The Way Back

The Way Back

IMDb ratings- 7.3/10

Directed by – Peter Weir

Written by – Sławomir Rawicz

Starring- Ed Harris, Jim Sturgess, Saoirse Ronan

Released date- 3 September 2010

Run time – 2h 14m

During World War II, after the Soviet onslaught of Poland, young army officer named Janusz Wieszczek is punished to labour camp of Gulag in Siberia.

There he meets some people and escape with them. One of them dies of cold. The other move forward to Lake Baikal. They cover Ulan Bator, Gobi Desert, the great wall of China, Himalayas and face life-threatening situation due to the adversity of nature.

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18. Easy Rider

Easy Rider ranks number 18 on the list of best travel movies

IMDb ratings- 7.3/10

Directed by – Dennis Hopper

Written by – Terry Southern, Dennis Hopper

Starring- Jack Nicholson, Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda

Released date- 14 July 1976

Run time – 1h 35m

Wyatt and Billy are two laidback motorcyclists. After they have smuggled drug, they sell their yank and earn a lump of money. With that money, they ride to reach New Orleans.

During their journey, Wyatt and Billy halt to fix one of the bikes near a farm in Arizona and have a meal with a farmer family. Later, Wyatt meets a hippie who invites them to visit their community.

Later, they encounter with George Hanson, a lawyer while being arrested. Those three make their way and receive positive and negative reaction on the way. It ranks 18th on the list of best travel movies.

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19. The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

IMDb ratings- 7.3/10

Directed by – Ben Stiller

Written by – James Thurber

Starring- Kristen Wiig, Ben Stiller, Shirley MacLaine

Released date- 5 October 2013

Run time – 1h 54m

This travel movie takes you in several places with the protagonist. Walter Mitty works to manage the negatives of photos at Life magazine. He is passionate about adventures and has an infatuation for his colleague Cheryl Melhoff.

He works as partner of Sean O’Connell, a photojournalist, whose photos are highly appreciated. O’Connell has delivered Mitty his current negatives and a wallet to complement Mitty’s endeavour.

O’Connell believes a certain negative depicts the epitome of life and that should be used as the cover photo of the magazine. However the negative goes missing and Walter has to delay to send the negative for printing. They try to find the clues in the other negatives to reach Sean and travel several places according to the clues.

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20. Out of Africa

Out of Africa

IMDb ratings- 7.2/10

Directed by – Sydney Pollack

Written by – Isak Dinesen

Starring- Meryl Streep, Robert Redford, Klaus Maria Brandauer

Released date- 18 December 1985

Run time – 2h 41m

Karen Blixen a wealthy Danish lady ditched by her Swedish lover endorses his brother Bror’s marriage proposal and settled in Africa. Karen wished to be a farmer in dairy and sends money to Bror for the same.

But she learns Bror has invested the money in coffee farm breaking their marital agreement. She also realizes that Bror is not meant for farming but he is into gaming and hunting. Karen also comes across Denys.

She travels to several places and her life experiences with them turns her into an author in later life. It ranks 20th on the list of best travel movies.

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21. Tracks

Tracks ranks number 21 on the list of best travel movies

IMDb ratings- 7.2/10

Directed by – John Curran

Written by – Robyn Davidson

Starring- Adam Driver, Mia Wasikowska

Released date- 29 August 2013

Run time – 2h

This movie hits the mark as wanderlust movie as it depicts the story of an Australian young lady Robyn Davidson who abandons her city-life as she yearns for intimacy.

She embarks on a journey from Alice Springs, all the way to Indian Ocean across the 2,000 miles of slumping desert of Australia. She makes a solitary journey with only her dog and four erratic camels which leads her to discover herself and change her life forever. On her way, she encounters Rick Smolan to capture her journey in picture photograph. It ranks 21st on the list of best travel movies.

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22. Seven Years In Tibet

Seven Years In Tibet

IMDb ratings- 7.1/10

Directed by – Jean-Jacques Annaud

Written by – Heinrich Harrer

Starring- David Thewlis, Brad Pitt, BD Wong

Released date- 13 September 1997

Run time – 2h 19m

In the year of 1938, Austrian mountain climbers Heinrich Harrer joined Peter Aufschnaiter in a squad aiming to hike Nanga Parbat in British oriented India.

When World War II broke out, they were imprisoned by British police for their German nationality. In 1944, they escaped the prison and went to Tibet. At first, they were instructed to return but we’re welcomed to the holy city of Lhasa. Harrer meets the 14th Monk in the Tibet and is captivated by his spiritual knowledge.

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23. Hit the Road: India

Hit the Road: India

IMDb ratings- 7.1/10

Directed by – Mushegh Baghdasaryan

Written by – Mushegh Baghdasaryan

Starring- Keith King, Richard Gazarian

Released date- 12 July 2013

Run time – 1h 20m

“Hit the Road: India” is a travel movie and adventure documentary film created by two brothers Gor and Moosh Baghdasaryan. This is about a road trip from Mumbai to Chennai via rickshaw.

Two friends, protagonists of this show, we’re competing in the quest and faced many challenges and gathered experience in the way- wrath of monsoon, sickness due to food, heavy traffic on the road, lacking gas and many more.

But they accomplished their quest and awarded “Bonker Award” by the “Lonely Planet”, one of the top 10 adventure organizations.

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24. Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Vicky Cristina Barcelona ranks number 24 on the list of best travel movies

IMDb ratings- 7.1/10

Directed by – Woody Allen

Written by – Woody Allen

Starring- Penélope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Scarlett Johansson

Released date- 17 May 2008

Run time – 1h 37m

Vicky and Cristina travel to Barcelona to spend summer vacation. They stay at Vicky’s remote relative Judy and Mark’s place. They are good friend. Vicky is pragmatic and conventional in her manner to love and whereas Cristina infers herself to be a dissident, impulsive but is in confliction of what she craves in life.

At an art exhibition, they met an artist named Juan Antonio whose marital experience is terrible with his wife. Cristina is captivated by him. He invites them to enjoy the weekend together.

Cristina instantly agrees but Vicky denies. However, Vicky has to join Cristina to watch over her friend. Sadly, Cristina falls sick and the relation between Vicky and Juan becomes close.

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25. Wild


IMDb ratings- 7.1/10

Directed by – Jean-Marc Vallée

Written by – Cheryl Strayed

Starring- Laura Dern, Reese Witherspoon

Released date- 5 December 2014

Run time – 2h

This movie definitely takes its place in the list of wanderlust movie as the female protagonist seeks the path of self-redemption wandering her journey. Cheryl Strayed’s Bobbi died of cancer and sent Cheryl into grave despair.

She became drug-addicted and involves herself with unknown copulation. This ultimately breaks her marriage life and she divorced her husband. After the divorce, she learnt that she is pregnant and she aborted her child.

Despite being inexperienced about hiking, she determines to have one on the Pacific Crest Trail for redemption. On her journey, she comes across new people who help her to make her way to the destination and restore her life indirectly in the process.

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26. Away We Go

Away We Go

IMDb ratings- 7/10

Directed by – Sam Mendes

Written by – Vendela Vida

Starring- Maya Rudolph, John Krasinski, Jeff Daniels

Released date- 5 June 2009

Run time – 1h 38m

As the name suggests this movie is a travel movie where a couple is seeking a better place to live. Verona De Tessant and Burt Farlander are in early thirties and struggling to make their life better. When they discover that they will soon have baby, they are in deep thought about how and where they should start their family.

At the time of Verona’s 6th months of pregnancy, they move to their only family Burt’s residence. But they learn his parents Gloria and Jerry are moving out to Antwerp and leaving the house rented to another family.

Having no place to stay, and being shocked over their so-called relatives’s mean behaviour, they determine to travel all over the world to find a better place for their upcoming baby to reside in.

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27. How Much Further

How Much Further ranks number 27 on the list of best travel movies

IMDb ratings- 7/10

Directed by – Tania Hermida

Written by – Tania Hermida

Starring- Tania Martínez, Cecilia Vallejo, Pancho Aguirre

Released date- 4 September 2006

Run time – 1h 32m

Tristeza, an art student from Quito and Esperanza, a traveler from Spain are travelling together from Quito without knowing each other. Their destination is Cuenca. Tristeza wants to stop Daniel from marrying and Esperanza is just travelling.

When a strike makes it difficult to travel by bus, it needs to make their way by taking rides from strangers. At first, they are offered a ride from two journalists but are forced to stop when they reach a place blocked by the strikers. They continue to move forward by foot.

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28. One Week

One Week

IMDb ratings- 7/10

Directed by – Michael McGowan

Written by – Michael McGowan

Starring- Liane Balaban, Joshua Jackson, Campbell Scott

Released date- 8 September 2008

Run time – 1h 34m

“One Week” is a spectacular wanderlust movie that reflects the thirst of venture of a person who has not much time left. Ben Tyler learns that he is suffering from a terminal cancer of the 4th stage.

On his way home, he meets an old man Marc Strange selling his motorcycle. Despite Ben’s fiancée Samantha Pierce detesting motorcycles, he purchases it. Seeing a message on the coffee cup, he determines to take a two-day motorcycle trip.

He tells his wife about his illness and the wish for the trip. His wife refuses and urges him to start treatment. At first, he is confused about the benefits of the trip, and the moment he is going to turn back, he comes across with two bicyclists venturing for a case of beer, Been finds interest and takes on.

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29. Under the Tuscan Sun

Under the Tuscan Sun

IMDb ratings- 6.7/10

Directed by – Audrey Wells

Written by – Frances Mayes

Starring- Sandra Oh, Diane Lane, Lindsay Duncan

Released date- 26 September 2003

Run time – 1h 53m

A writer from San Francisco named Frances Mayes becomes shocked when she discovers her husband deceiving her. She divorces her husband, loses her home and her will to write as well.

Her best friend Patti insists Frances to go for a trip to Tuscany, Italy,  and gives her the ticket she purchased before she became pregnant. At first, Frances declines, but after spending another depressing day, she determines to take the trip to get away with her depression.

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30. The Beach

The Beach ranks number 30 on the list of best travel movies

IMDb ratings- 6.7/10

Directed by – Danny Boyle

Written by – Alex Garland

Starring- Tilda Swinton, Leonardo DiCaprio, Guillaume Canet, Virginie Ledoyen

Released date- 11 February 2000

Run time – 1h 59m

This is not just an ordinary travel movie but also involves adventure and mystery. An American young guy Richard, who is fond of adventure he encounters a French young couple and soon becomes very close to them.

He also comes across Daffy, who confides him of an isolated off-limit island with a wonderful secret beach in Thailand. Richard becomes more interested when Daffy tells that he along with his fellow travelers landed there many years ago, but find hindrance when they tried to leave.

Shortly after, Daffy commits suicide, leaving behind a map to Island for Richard. He convinces the two French couple to give him company and the trio leave for their journey to that island.

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31. The Art of Travel

The Art of Travel

IMDb ratings- 6.4/10

Directed by – Thomas Whelan

Written by – Thomas Whelan

Starring- ChristopherMasterson, Johnny Messner, Brooke Burns

Released date- 2 September 2008

Run time – 1h 41m

The Art of Travel is one of the intimidating wanderlust movies which portrays the strong desire for exploring of the protagonist after he takes the first step toward it.

Just when Conner Layne is going to marry his first love, their marriage planning goes awry as he finds out his bride-to-be has an affair with his friend. He dumps his fiance on their marriage day and takes off the first flight going out of the country. He ends up landing in Nicaragua.

There he meets a group of travelers planning to explore the Darien Gap jungle in central America within a record period. He dazzled by their planning but soon makes up his mind to go to the exploration trip to face every challenge boldly with his fellow travel-mate.

When finally the moment comes to return back home, he becomes upset to imagine his life in a place without any adventurous challenge to entertain. It ranks 31st on the list of best travel movies.

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