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EDM which is known as electronic dance music is trippy music which is mainly made for rave parties, party festivals and clubs. This music started getting popular Europe in the late 80’s and 90’s and then started spreading in the different parts of the country.

This type of plain dance music is accepted by the millennium crowd and it has a lot of genres like house, techno, trance, drum, bass and dubstep. Below listed are the top 20 EDM artists of all time who are loved for their expertise and uniqueness in this field.

20. Alesso

Alesso Swedish DJ

He is known as a Swedish DJ. Six Years back he won the title for ‘EDM rookies to watch’ and he has had a lot of collaborations and a lot of performances at various festivals. His music is very unique and is loved by the masses. Most recent album ‘titled towers’ of his was released 2 months back b. His music varies from electro house to pop.

19. Don Diablo

Don Diablo
Don Diablo

This EDM artist is a Dutch DJ and his genres vary from electro house to future house to dubstep. He is also known for writing his own songs. Last year he was ranked number 7 in the top 100 list by DJ Mag. He is known for his collaborations and is labelled as the pioneer for dance music. His famous songs include ‘’Cutting Shapes’’ ‘’ Anytime’’ and ‘’ Back in time’’.

18. Avicii


This EDM artist was a Swedish DJ/musician who died in 2018 due to suicide. He was extremely famous for his art and creativity in music and he has had various hits and collaborations. Some of his famous works include ‘’Wake me up’’ ‘’ Waiting of love’’ and ‘’ The nights’’. His song ‘’wake me up’’ was the 8th most downloaded song in the UK.

17. The Chainsmokers

Chainsmokers EDM Artists

This American EDM-duo had a breakthrough when their song #selfie was a great hit and after that they have’nt seen a flop. The singers include Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall and they are famous for electro-pop. Some of their famous works include ‘’closer’’ ‘’roses’’ ‘’something just like this’’.

16. Skrillex


Sonny John Moore who is professionally known as Skrillex is all in one as he is a singer, writer, musician and a DJ. Earlier he was was a part of a band called ‘From first to last’ and then he left the band in 2007 to pursue a career of his own. His genres include dubstep, electro house and post- hardcore. Some of his famous works include ‘take you there’  ‘bangarang’ and ‘scary monsters and nice sprites’

15. Hardwell


This EDM artist is an electro house DJ from Dutch. He was voted number one by DJ MAG consecutively for 2 years. His life is full of music and this is what he have dreamt of since he was a child. Some of his famous works include ‘spaceman’ ‘apollo’ and ‘zero 76’. His genres include progressive house, electro house and tech house.

14. David Guetta

David Guetta
David Guetta

This EDM artist is a DJ and song recorder from Paris. He is famous for his works in electro house and progressive house. In 2012 he has won a billboard for Top EDM artist. He has had collaborations with Calvin Harris, The Chainsmokers and even Nicki minaj. His famous works include ‘ when love takes over’ ‘titanium’ and memories.

13. Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris
Calvin Harris

This EDM star is a Scottish DJ and song-producer. His famous genres include electro house and house pop. He has had collaborations with Big Sean and artists like Rihanna. Some of his famous works include ‘how deep is your love’  ‘one kiss’ and ‘this is what you came for’.

12. Nucleya

Nucleya EDM Artist of India

This EDM singer Udyan sagar who is professionally known as Nucleya is an Indian song-recorder. He is famous for making music from the sounds of the street and he got quite famous after his electronic single ‘aloo wala’. He is known for his quirky album names and album photos which are very Indian and extremely unique in their own style. Some of his famous works include ‘heer’ ‘laung da gwacha’ and ‘bhayanak aatma’.

11. Marshmello

Marshmello EDM Artist

Christopher Comstock is professionally known as Marshmello is an American artist. He first got famous by releasing remixes with other famous artists and then in 2016 he released his own single ‘’KEEP IT MELLO’’. Some of his other famous works include ‘friends’ ‘happier’ ‘silence’ and ‘wolves’.

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10. Axwell


This EDM artist is professionally known as Axewell and he is a DJ and a record producer from Sweden. His first official remix was released in 2000 and his genres include electro house and funky house. He was a part of the very famous band Swedish house mafia and some of his famous works include ‘sun is shining’ ‘dont you worry child’ ‘ feel the vibe’ and ‘ more than you know’

9. Tiesto

Tiesto EDM Artist

This EDM artist is a DJ and a record producer from Dutch. He has collaborated with a lot of other artists such as Hardwell, Post Malone and Axwell. His genres include electro house. Some of his famous works include ‘Lethal industry’ ‘kaleidoscope’ and ‘in my memory’

8. Daft Punk

Daft Punk
Draft Punk

These EDM artists are from France and this duo is known for their electronic music creativity. They are famous for their combinations in funk, rock and techno. They have collaborated with artists like The Weekend and Kanye West. Some of their famous works include ‘get lucky’ ‘one more time’ and ‘digital love’.

7. Armin


This EDM artist is a DJ plus record producer from Dutch. He has hosted a radio show in the past. He has been nominated for his song single ‘ this is what it feels like’. His genres include uplifting trance and progressive trance. Some of his famous songs include ‘in and out of love’ and ‘not giving up on love’.

6. Diplo

Diplo EDM Artist

Thomas pentz who is known by his stage name Diplo is a very famous American DJ and record producer from California. His genres include hip hop trap and dancehall. Some of his famous songs include ‘Lean on’ ‘where are you now’ and ‘Take you there’.

5. Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki
Steve Aoki

He is an American songwriter and a record producer. His genres include electro-house and pop and hip-hop. Some of his famous songs include ‘delirious’ ‘turbulence’ and ‘just hold on’.

4. Afro Jack


This EDM artist is a record producer and a remixer.  He is from Dutch. His genres include electro house, progressive house and bass house. His famous songs include ‘take over control’ ‘give me everything’ and ‘turn up the speakers’.

3. Dimitri Vegas

Dimitri Vegas DJ
Dimitri Vegas

These EDM artists are a Dutch and Belgian duo who are famous for electro house and big room house. They have had many collaborations with famous artists like Tiesto and David guetta and some of their famous songs include ‘higher place’ ‘the hum’ and Mammoth.

2. Steve Angello

Steve angello
Steve Angello

He is a Swedish DJ and record producer and he was a part of the very famous band Swedish House Mafia. Steve Angello’s genres include tech house and progressive house. Some of his famous songs include ‘wasted world’ ‘be’ and ‘the world behind’

1. Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix EDM Artist
Martin Garrix

This young DJ started recording songs from the age of 17 and he is quite loved by the millennium crowd. He was a part of the ultra music festival at the peak of his career.

In the name of Love

There could be many people in the world with their private jets but he is the one having a plane with his name on it. He has had a number of collaborations and has performed all around the world. Some of his famous songs include ‘Animals’, ‘In the name of love’ and ‘ocean’.

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