Top 31 Best Detective Movies To Binge Watch

Who loves to test the thrill or smell the mystery? This is for you who is a great fan of detective or mystery movies. This is a genre where the mystery is unraveled by solving puzzles, finding clues and risking their own lives in the process. You might get to see a mighty cop having trouble to deal with the danger or a super-intelligent officer being triked or even an amateur whom the circumstances make so desperate to give his most.

In this article, I’m going to discuss a bunch of movies enough to make you busy and entertained. The movies are listed according to the IMDb ratings (from low to high):-

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1. Manhunter – best detective and thriller movie

Manhunter is the top mystery and thriller movie

IMDb ratings- 7.2/10

Directed by- Michael Mann

Written by- Thomas Harris

Starring- Kim Greist, William Petersen, Joan Allen

Released date- 15 August 1986

Run time- 2h 4m

Will Graham, retired due to mental breakdown after being attacked by a serial killer named Hannibal Lector, is a called from his retirement by his former boss Jack Crawford. He is seeking help with a new serial murder case.

He promises his wife that he won’t have to do any complicated task which may cause harm to his health and will do only evidence checking. Graham accepts the task and visits the most current crime scene. He tries to comprehend the perspective of the killer interpreted by the police as “Tooth Fairy” who leaves a “tooth mark” on his victim’s body.

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2. Gone Baby Gone – best detective and thriller movie

Gone Baby Gone

IMDb ratings- 7.6/10

Directed by- Ben Affleck

Written by- Dennis Lehane (Gone, Baby, Gone)

Starring- Ed Harris, Michelle Monaghan, Casey Affleck, Morgan Freeman.

Released date- 19 October 2007

Run time- 1h 54m

In a shabby neighborhood in Boston, three-year-old Amanda McCready has been kidnapped along with her favorite doll, Mirabelle. P.I. Patrick Kenzie (played by Casey Affleck) and his partner and girlfriend Angie Gennaro (played by Michelle Monaghan) watch on TV that Helene (played by Amy Ryan), Amanda’s mother, urges to find her daughter.

On behalf of her, Amanda’s aunt Bea employs them to find Amanda. After two months, a seven-year-old boy is gone missing in Everett. Patrick learns that he was abducted by Corwin Earle, who uses to molest the children.

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3. Who Framed Roger Rabbit – best detective and thriller movie

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

IMDb ratings- 7.7/10

Directed by- Robert Zemeckis

Written by- Gary K. Wolf (Who censored Roger Rabbit)

Starring- Charles Fleischer, Bob Hoskins, Stubby Kaye, Christopher Lloyd

Released date- 22 June 1988

Run time- 1h 44m

The film depicts a background of Los Angeles of 1947, where cartoon characters co-exist with humans. There “toons” perform the roles of dramatic cartoon characters along with the humans in live-action movies. They dwell with real people and animals and live in Toontown. Eddie Valiant is a human. As a Private detective he, along with his brother Teddy has worked on several cases with the “Toons”.

But after Teddy was murdered by a toon while they were inspecting a bank robbery, Eddie sank into insobriety, lost his sense of humor, and swore himself never to help toons again. Meanwhile, R.K. Maroon, owner of Maroon Cartoons, is worried about the recent declination in performances of a famous toon artist Roger Rabbit. Mr Maroon hires Eddie to investigate the rumors about Rogger’s wife Jessica having a love affair with renowned businessman Marvin Acme. Things get interesting when Roger is framed of murdering Mr Maroon and Eddie has to help Roger to save him.

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4. Zodiac – best detective and thriller movie


IMDb ratings- 7.7/10

Directed by- David Fincher

Written by- Robert Graysmith (The novel named as Zodiac and Zodiac Unmasked)

Starring- Robert Downey Jr., Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo

Released date- 28 February 2007

Run time- 2h 42m

The story begins with an incident of July 4, 1969, when a stranger strikes Darlene Ferrin and Mike Mageau with a handgun and only Mike survives. One month later, the popular newspaper “San Francisco Chronicle”  gets encrypted letters from a mysterious serial killer phoning himself the “Zodiac,” who terrorizes to murder a dozen people unless they reveal his true identity.

The newspaper editors, a crime reporter named Paul Avery and a cartoonist Robert Graysmith get involved in the case. The serial killer continues to kill people and mocks the Chronicle by sending them the pieces of blood-stained clothes and taunting letters.

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5. The French Connection – best detective and thriller movie

The French Connection

IMDb ratings- 7.7/10

Directed by- William Friedkin

Written by- Robin Moore

Starring- Roy Scheider, Fernando Rey, Gene Hackman

Released date- 7 October 1971

Run time- 1h 44m

In Marseille, a detective follows Alain Charnier, a heroin-smuggler and is killed by Charnier’s hitman, Pierre Nicoli. Charnier plans to smuggle heroin into New York by hiding it in the car of friend Henri Devereaux, who is unaware of his crime. In New York City, “Popeye” Doyle and friend “Cloudy” Russo are detectives and learn about the smuggling from an informer.

They decide to stop the smuggling and chase Charnier. He fools them and gets away. Nicoli suggests to kill Popeye but Charnier refuses as another detective will be assigned in his place. The detective-due try their best to catch the drug dealer Charnier.

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6. The Name of the Rose – best detective and thriller movie

The Name of the Rose

IMDb ratings- 7.7/10

Directed by- Jean-Jacques Annaud

Written by- Umberto Eco

Starring- Sean Connery, Feodor Chaliapin Jr., F. Murray Abraham

Released date- 19 September 1986

Run time- 2h 11m

William of Baskerville, a monk travels to northern Italy with his disciple Adso of Melk. There, Adelmo of Otranto, a young monk is found dead in a monastery. William is famous for his deductive ability and decides to banish the fear. He reduces that Adelmo has committed suicide.

This reduces their fear. But the terror returns as another monk named Venantius is found dead. William is determined to unravel the truth. He continues and encounters with Berenger who has been also killed later and concludes that all the deaths are occurring for a Greek book. He along with Adso continues their investigation.

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7. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – best detective and thriller movie

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

IMDb ratings- 7.8/10

Directed by- David Fincher

Written by- Stieg Larsson

Starring- Daniel Craig, Christopher Plummer, Rooney Mara

Released date- 12 December 2011

Run time- 1h 38m

Mikael Blomkvist, the publisher of the political magazine named “Millennium” loses his reputation after being involved and being accused against Hans-Erik Wennerström, a billionaire industrialist. Shortly after, Blomkvist gets an opportunity to earn back his honour after being hired by Henrik Vanger, retired CEO of Vanger Corporation to help him to find out what happened to Harriet, his grandniece who disappeared.

In return, Henrik promises to help him with e proof against Wennerström. Meanwhile, Lisbeth Salander, a talented hacker, is assaulted by her current legal guardian Nils Bjurman and takes revenge on her. She ends up helping Blomkvist in his investigation.

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8. Mulholland Drive – best detective and thriller movie

Mulholland Drive

IMDb ratings- 7.9/10

Directed by- David Lynch

Written by- David Lynch

Starring- Justin Theroux, Naomi Watts, Ann Miller, Laura Elena Harring

Released date- 16 May 2001

Run time- 2h 27m

A dark-haired lady is the sole survivor of a car accident on Mulholland Drive, a high road in the Hollywood Hills. She is wounded and loses her memory. She manages to go to Los Angeles. There, she encounters with Betty, a budding actress who names her “Rita”. She determines to help Rita to find her identity.

In Rita’s purse, Betty finds a huge amount of money along with a mysterious blue key. Elsewhere, a film director named Adam has to cast Camilla Rhode as an actress for his movie. Betty and Rita moves to ” Winkie’s”, a diner to find more about Rita and Rita remembers the name “Diane Selwyn”.

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9. Mystic River – best detective and thriller movie

Mystic River

IMDb ratings- 7.9/10

Directed by- Clint Eastwood

Written by- Dennis Lehane

Starring- Kevin Bacon, Sean Penn, Tim Robbins

Released date- 15 October 2003

Run time- 2h 18m

Dave Boyl, Sean Devine and Jimmy Markum are three friends lived in Boston who play street-hockey. One day, they were writing their names on wet concrete. After a while, a car appeared with two men dressed as police officers and priests. They scold them for their actions and kidnapped and sexually assaulted Dave.

Twenty-five years later, they are now grown-ups. Jimmy owns a convince store, Sean is a detective and Dave is a blue-collar worker, still terrified and shocked from the abduction and assault. Jimmy ‘s 19 years old daughter Katie was dating Harris and is found killed one day. Sean along with his partner investigate the case. Jimmy also starts his own investigation to find out more about his daughter’s death.

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10. The Big Sleep – best detective and thriller movie

The Big Sleep

IMDb ratings- 7.9/10

Directed by- Howard Hawks

Written by- Raymond Chandler

Starring- Humphrey Bogart, John Ridgely, Lauren Bacall, Martha Vickers

Released date- 23 August 1946

Run time- 1h 56m

Philip Marlowe is a private detective who is invited to General Sternwood’s mansion to settle a gambling debt his daughter Carmen has against a bookseller named Arthur Gwynn Geiger. Marlowe goes to Arthur’s shop and then pursues Geiger’s house. He hears gunfire and a woman’s shouting and breaks into the room.

He discovers Geiger lying dead on the floor and Carmen as drugged, along with a hidden camera without any film. After bringing Carmen back to home, he goes back and finds the body was gone. Vivian, Carmen’s elder sister receives some disgraceful pictures of Carmen to blackmail her and goes to Marlowe’s office for aid. Later, Eddie Mars, who happens to be a short-term gangster, appears as a negative character.

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11. Laura – best detective and thriller movie


IMDb ratings- 8/10

Directed by- Otto Preminger

Written by- Vera Caspary

Starring- Clifton Webb, Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews.

Released date- 11 October 1944

Run time- 1h 28m

Mark McPherson as a detective from New York City Police Department is working on a case where, Laura Hunt, a prosperous advertising administrator is murdered by a gun explosion to the face inside her apartment. He interrogates newspaper journalist Waldo Lydecker, a willful, degraded boulevardier, who pertains how he came across Laura and became her guide.

She had become his constant companion. He queries Laura’s fiancé, Shelby Carpenter. He also questions Laura’s faithful housemaid, Bessie Clary. This his investigation proceeds and takes an interesting turn when one night he sees a figure that happened to be Laura.

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12. The Maltese Falcon – best detective and thriller movie

The Maltese Falcon

IMDb ratings- 8/10

Directed by- John Huston

Written by- Dashiell Hammett

Starring- Gladys George, Mary Astor, Humphrey Bogart

Released date- 3 October 1941

Run time- 1h 41m

In San Francisco, private detective Sam Spade and Miles Archer encounter with forthcoming client Ruth Wonderly. She is searching for her missing sister, who is entangled with Floyd Thursby. Archer decides to pursue her and help to find her sister back. Spade learns from the police that Archer has been murdered. Later, he comes to know that Thursby was also killed at the same evening. He has become suspect of killing Archer who is likely to be the murderer of Thursby.

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13. Out of the past – best detective and thriller movie

Out of the past

IMDb ratings- 8/10

Directed by- Jacques Tourneur

Written by- Daniel Mainwaring

Starring- Robert Mitchum, Kirk Douglas, Jane Greer.

Released date- 25 November 1947

Run time- 1h 37m

Joe Stefanos sends a young assistant called The Kid to Jeff Bailey, who runs a gas station, and has been on a picnic with Ann Miller. Stefan tells him to meet Whit Sterling. On the way to meet Whit, Jeff discloses to Ann that he was a private investigator. Whit hires him to find Kathie Moffat, who has shot Whit and escapes after stealing a handful of money from him. Jeff hesitates to find her as he suspects she would be killed.

But Whit assures that he won’t harm her. Jeff goes to Mexico and meets Kathie. He has fallen for her and confesses his true agenda to come to her to take him back to Whit. She disagrees with all the allegations and asks him to flee away with her. Jeff is confronted by his old partner named Fisher and things take a turn when Kathie killed Fisher and runs away without Jeff.

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14. Touch of Evil – best detective and thriller movie

Touch of Evil

IMDb ratings- 8/10

Directed by- Orson Welles

Written by- Whit Masterson

Starring- Joseph Calleia, Janet Leigh, Charlton Heston

Released date- February 1958

Run time- 1h 35m

Near the U.S.–Mexico border, there is a time bomb is set in a car. Rudy Linnekar and Zita board the car and makes a trip to the U.S. border. Zita hears a ticking sound. “Mike” Vargas, a drug enforcement comes across the car. When it crosses the border, the bomb explodes. Inferring that a Mexican bomb exploding on the ground of America, Vargas becomes interested in the case.

Police captain Hank Quinlan and Quinlan’s longtime partner, Pete Menzies are now investigating the case. They suspect Sanchez, a Mexican, of the crime and they go to his apartment and question him in the presence of Vargas and discover dynamite from his place as evidence against him. Vargas accuses them to plant that evidence artificially. But they deny and accuse him instead of being biased over a fellow Mexican.

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15. The Big Heat – best detective and thriller movie

The Big Heat

IMDb ratings- 8/10

Directed by- Fritz Lang

Written by- William P. McGivern

Starring- Glenn Ford, Jocelyn Brando, Gloria Grahame

Released date- 14 October 1953

Run time- 1h 30m

Investigator Dave Bannion was investigating the case of suicide of his fellow officer Tom Duncan, whose wife told that he was sick. Lucy Chapman, Dunkan’s mistress insists that Tom Duncan was in good health. The next day Bannion is affronted by Lieutenant Ted Wilks, who is being pressurized from higher-level authorities to shut down the case. Things get changed when Lucy Chapman is found dead after being tormented.

Bannion investigates the case, despite the case fall under sheriff’s jurisdiction. He starts to get ominous calls at his home and confronts Mike Lagana but he continues his job ignoring the threatening and his wife, Katie is killed in a car blast and also he denounces his superiors of being involved in corruption and resigns from the police department. He makes a vow to end the crime.

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16. The Thin Man – best detective and thriller movie

The Thin Man

IMDb ratings- 8/10

Directed by- W. S. Van Dyke

Written by- Dashiell Hammett

Starring- Maureen Sullivan, Myrna Loy, William Powell

Released date- 25 May 1934

Run time- 1h 33m

Nick Charles, a retired detective, hired by Dorothy Wynant a young woman find her father, Clyde, addressed as the “Thin Man”. He was on an undercover business trip and promised to return home before his daughter’s marriage, but has gone missing. She persuades Nick to accept the case. Later, Julia Wolf, Clyde’s ex-secretary and crush, is found dead, evidence is discovered against Clyde.

Dorothy denies to speculate her father as guilty and urges the detective to find the truth. However, in a dinner party, a skeleton is found buried in Wynant’s place. At first, the skeleton seems to be of a “Fat Man” but Nick discovers that it is of the “Thin Man” i.e. Clyde.

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17. Fargo – best detective and thriller movie


IMDb ratings- 8.1/10

Directed by- Joel Coen

Written by- Ethan Coen

Starring- Frances McDormand, Steve Buscemi, William H. Macy

Released date- 8 March 1996

Run time- 1h 38m

Jerry Lundegaard, a dealership manager is in urgent need for money. He grabs a GMAC loan by demonstrating a scheme of vehicles and can not payback. After hearing dealership mechanic Shep Proudfoot’s opinion, Jerry travels to Fargo and hires short-term thugs Carl Showalter and Gaear Grimsrud and to abduct his wife, Jean to extract a handful of money from his rich father-in-law and dealership chief, Wade Gustafson as ransom.

In return, they will be paid a new car along with half of the amount he needed. Meanwhile, Carl and Gaear commit three murder and things get complicated as they demand the whole worth from Jerry. Marge Gunderson, a police chief handles the case. Also, GMAC puts pressure on Jerry to pay the loan or else they will force law.

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18. The Big Lebowski – best detective and thriller movie

The Big Lebowski

IMDb ratings- 8.1/10

Directed by- Joel Coen

Written by- Ethan Coen

Starring- Julianne Moore, Jeff Bridges, Steve Buscemi, John Goodman

Released date- 18 January 1998

Run time- 1h 59m

Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski, a middle-aged bachelor with a propensity for bowling and cannabis, is abused by two goons hired by Jackie Treehorn to grab money which the wife of another Jeffrey Lebowski (“Big Lebowski” of the title) owed him. Realizing they have mistaken with the other Lebowski,  they leave.

His bowling companion Donny Kerabatsos and Vietnam warrior Walter Sobchak suggest him to demand compensation from the big Lebowski, a rich philanthropist who turns down his request. Leaving Lebowski’s mansion, the Dude grabs an expensive rug and meets Bunny, Lebowski’s wife. Another night, his new rug gets stolen and he learns that his wife Bunny has been kidnapped. This movie continues.

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19. The Prisoner – best detective and thriller movie

The Prisoner

IMDb ratings- 8.1/10

Directed by- Denis Villeneuve

Written by- Aaron Guzikowski

Starring- Jake Gyllenhaal, Hugh Jackman, Viola Davis

Released date- 30 August 2013

Run time- 2h 33m

In Pennsylvania, Keller Dover goes on a party with his family to his friend named Franklin Birch’s home. Keller’s son and daughter accompanied by Franklin’s son and daughter hang out together in the locality. They notice an RV parked nearby. After dinner, Keller’s daughter Anna and Franklin’s daughter Joy are found missing. Investigator Loki takes the case.

His team locates the RV and capture the driver Alex in the process. Meanwhile, he also finds a dead body of a priest named Dunn’s basement. Alex has been released for not having evidence against him. So Keller determines to find the two missing girl by himself.

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20. Gone Girl – best detective and thriller movie

Gone Girl

IMDb ratings- 8.1/10

Directed by- David Fincher

Written by- Gillian Flynn

Starring- Ben Affleck, Neil Patrick Harris, Rosamund Pike

Released date- 26 September 2014

Run time- 2h 29m

Nick Dunne’s wife Amy goes missing on their fifth wedding anniversary. Detective Rhonda Boney investigates the case and suspects Nick, who has become pointed in the media’s eyes. In Flashback Nick remembers how to be first met Amy. Their marriage begins to deteriorate over the period. Both lost them loses their jobs in the slump and moved to Nick’s native town.

Nick became sluggish. Distance between them grows and he started cheating on Amy. The forensic report shows that Amy is pregnant and probably she is murdered. She begins to be scared of Nick for her life. Then she is found alive and has disguised herself to teach Nick a lesson for his extra-marital affair by phrasing him her killer. She makes friendship with a pregnant lady and uses her urine to plant false evidence of her pregnancy.

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21. Memories of Murder – best detective and thriller movie

Memories of Murder

IMDb ratings- 8.1/10

Directed by- Bong Joon-ho

Written by- Shim Sung-bo

Starring- Kim Sang-Kyung, Song Kang-ho, Kim Roi-ha

Released date- 2 May 2003

Run time- 2h 12m

The movie starts with a young lady found assaulted to death. Not after so long, another woman is found in the same condition. Regional investigator Park is overwhelmed after having such a serious case. The police and forensic department’s techniques are not enough to resolve the case. Park insists that he can analyze suspects by eye contact.

His wife informs him that a frightened and mentally challenged boy, Baek Kwang-ho, lives in the town, and he decides to interrogate him first. He applied his eye contact technique. Park’s partner named Cho makes him confess. Another detective named Seo Tae-Yoon offers his assistance to solve the case. However, his strategy differs from that of Park’s.

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22. Shutter Island – best detective and thriller movie

Shutter Island

IMDb ratings- 8.1/10

Directed by- Martin Scorsese

Written by- Dennis Lehane

Starring- Mark Ruffalo, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Kingsley

Released date- 13 February 2010

Run time- 2h 19m

Two marshals from U.S. named Edward “Teddy” Daniels and his partner Chuck Aule trips to the Ashecliffe asylum situated on a distant Island. They are sent to investigate a case of a patient who Rachel Solando, who was confined for plunging her three kids, goes missing. Their only lead is an encoded message found in Solando’s room. Shortly after they arrive, an immense storm strikes the island, dissuading them to return.

The hospital’s ambiance makes him sick and gives him rousing intuitions of his experiences at the time of Dachau independence. Things get more intense when he begins to have unnerved dreams of his dead wife Dolores Chanal. In one dream, she says to him that Solando is still somewhere on the island.

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23. The secret in their eyes – best detective and thriller movie

The secret in their eyes

IMDb ratings- 8.2/10

Directed by- Billy Ray

Written by- Juan José Campanella

Starring- Nicole Kidman, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Julia Roberts

Released date- 11 November 2015

Run time- 2h 9m

Ray Kasten, terrorism enforcement of the FBI, and his companion investigator Jessica aka “Jess” meet current ADA named Claire Sloan. Jess and Ray are informed about a female dead body found on which Ray has been working on to find possible terrorist connections.

At the crime spot, they become shocked to find that the victim is Jess’s daughter, Carolyn whose body has been brutally tempered to hide the evidence of murder and rape. Ray feels guilty as he was to help Carolyn to arrange a surprise for Jess. Jess feels a strong urge to quit the city immediately. While helping Jess bagging, Ray observes in a picture that a stranger glaring at Carolyn.

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24. Sherlock Jr – best detective and thriller movie

Sherlock Jr

IMDb ratings- 8.2/10

Directed by- Buster Keaton

Written by- Jean Havez

Starring- Buster Keaton

Released date- 21 April 1924

Run time- 56m

A movie theatre projectionist has a crush on a pretty girl. The “local sheikh” is his rival. Neither of them is enough rich. The projectionist buys a chocolate box for $1 and replaces the price tag to $4 along with a ring to give her. Meanwhile, The sheikh steals her father’s pocket watch and sells for $4. From that money, he buys a $3 chocolate box for the girl.

When the father finds his watch is gone, the sheikh drops the ticket into the projectionist’s pocket to his ignorance. The projectionist, an aspiring detective determines to unravel the crime, but he is expelled from the girl’s house as they discover the ticket in his pocket. He falls asleep while a film is going on and dreams of being “Sherlock Jr”.

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25. Chinatown – best detective and thriller movie


IMDb ratings- 8.2/10

Directed by- Roman Polanski

Written by- Robert Towne

Starring- Jack Nicholson

Released date- 20 June 1974

Run time- 2h 11m

A woman called Evelyn Mulwray hires a private detective named J. J. “Jake” Gittes to pry her husband named Hollis Mulwray. Gittes stalks him, hears him to openly decline to build a new reservoir which would be risky, and clicks his photos with a young lady. In his office, a woman met Gittes face to face and tells him that she is the actual Evelyn Mulwray. Things get more complicated when Mr Mulwray is found dead.

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26. L.A. Confidential – best detective and thriller movie

L.A. Confidential

IMDb ratings- 8.2/10

Directed by- Curtis Hanson

Written by- James Ellroy

Starring- Russell Crowe, Kevin Spacey, Guy Pearce

Released date- 14 May 1997

Run time- 2h 18m

LAPD investigator Preston Exley’s son Sergeant Edmund Exley is working hard to keep up his father’s legendary reputation. Exley’s intellectual talent and uncongenial attitude differentiate him from others. He aggravates this animosity by offering to confirm the “Bloody Christmas” case against his co-officers in order to get promoted. His determination becomes more ignited when his father is killed by an officer called Rollo Tomasi.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Jack Vincennes has vowed to find the killer of an actor Matt Reynolds. Another cop Wendell White is assigned with the  “Nite Owl case” of numerous slaughter occurred in a coffee shop. He dislikes Exley and Exley fills same for him as well. When they are investigating and digging up more, they find how much their organization is corrupted.

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27. Vertigo – best detective and thriller movie


IMDb ratings- 8.3/10

Directed by- Alfred Hitchcock

Written by- Thomas Narcejac

Starring- Kim Novak, James Stewart, Barbara Bel Geddes

Released date- 9 May 1958

Run time- 2h 9m

After a cop died out of fear of vertigo and height while chasing at the rooftop, detective John “Scottie” Ferguson, a detective in San Francisco, retires. Scottie, an acrophobic, tries to overcome his phobia. His friends suggest that another psychological shock may resolve his fear. Gavin Elster pleads Scottie to pursue his wife named Madeleine, thinking that she may be in danger.

He agrees and follows Gavin’s wife to a flower shop where she buys a bouquet to offer in regard to Carlotta Valdes (1831–1857) and glares upon her Portrait. According to local history, Carlotta married to a rich man and gave birth to his child. After that, she committed suicide. Scottie fears that Madeleine is possessed by Carlotta. Things get serious when Madeleine committed suicide.

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28. M – best detective and thriller movie


IMDb ratings- 8.3/10

Directed by- Fritz Lang

Written by- Thea von Harbou

Starring- Otto Wernicke, Peter Lorre, Gustaf Gründgens

Released date- 11 May 1931

Run time- 1h 58m

Parents are anxious for their children as a serial killing was going on. On her way home, a kid named Elsie Beckmann meets a man named Hans Beckert, who buys her a balloon. That day, she goes missing. Terror expands over the people. Police Department is under pressure to resolve the case immediately.

Beckert advertised news that he is the one to commit all the murders and going to commit many more. Officer Karl Lohmann appoints his cops to amplify their investigation. On the other hand, the mafia world is disturbed for frequent inquiries and they are gathered in a meeting from the underworld. They decide to execute their own hunting to watch over the children and put an end to this crime.

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29. Memento – best detective and thriller movie


IMDb ratings- 8.4/10

Directed by- Christopher Nolan

Written by- Jonathan Nolan

Starring- Carrie-Anne Moss, Guy Pearce, Joe Pantoliano

Released date- 5 September 2000

Run time- 2h

 Leonard Shelby, an insurance detective, in a resort room is answering to an anonymous caller. Leonard has amnesia and is unable to remember any current incident, as he was attacked severely by two men. He told the police that he has killed one of the two men who raped and murdered his wife, the only incident he remembers, and the other one manages to escape.

The police said there was not another one, to begin with. So be determines to execute his own investigation. He applies a method of capturing important figures in term of polaroid photos, tattoos on body and notes as record.

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30. Se7en – best detective and thriller movie


IMDb ratings- 8.6/10

Directed by- David Fincher

Written by- Andrew Kevin Walker

Starring- Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, John C. McGinley, Gwyneth Paltrow

Released date- 15 September 1995

Run time- 2h 8m

Just before his retirement, investigator William Somerset is assigned with David Mills, who has recently shifted to the city, to investigate a serial killer who is seemed to committing the murder according to the seven sins. Somerset makes friendship with Tracy, David’s wife, who tells him that she is pregnant and has not told Mills yet as she is worried about how the city is unsafe with all the killing going on.

Somerset empathizes with her and suggests her to tell Mills only if she decides to have the child. The detectives get a lead on the suspect identified as John Doe and follow him to his apartment. The suspect manages to escape. They find a note which reveals his psycho nature and gets some hints on the next murders he going to commit.

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31. The Silence of Lambs – best detective and thriller movie

The Silence of Lambs

IMDb ratings- 8.6/10

Directed by- Jonathan Demme

Written by- Thomas Harris

Starring- Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster, Scott Glenn

Released date- 30 January 1991

Run time- 2h 18m

FBI student Clarice Starling is called from her training by Jack Crawford on the behalf of Behavioral Science Unit. He appoints her to conference with Hannibal Lecter, a former psycho serial killer to seek help from him to pursue another psychopath serial killer called “Buffalo Bill”, who murders young women and wipes out their skin from their bodies.

She gets intel from him about one of his former patients. From that lead, she finds a man’s slashed skull in a storage shed and informs to Lecter. He informs that man is connected to the serial killer.

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