11 Mind-blowing ways to earn money from YouTube today

by Vanshika Gaba
earn money from youtube

Earning money through YouTube sounds appealing, let’s look at some methods that will help you develop your youtube career and earn money. In this article, we will look at different arena of this topic. Look at the points and choose whatever matches your personal niche.

1. What YouTubers must know:

To get most reach and engagement on your channel you must encounter foresaid pointers:

  1. Consistency: Whatever content you are uploading if you are active on social media and consistently post YouTube shorts, videos, and stories. Keep your audience come back for more, post frequently to maintain a connection with your viewers. Remember that there are thousands of other vloggers striving for the same audience as you.
  2.  Interaction: Being available and interacting with viewers is another emphasizing fact. Treat your viewers like known, to keep them connected for long. Many Youtubers reply and answer their followers to keep them curious.
  3. Nail the art of thumbnail: The thumbnail of your video plays a crucial role as being the major factor to influence your viewer’s decision of watching the video. Add text, strong images to excite the user to click on the video.

2. Make money with Video editing

Youtubers have to be consistent with their videos and creating and editing content in a short time gets tough for them. Generally, they hire an editor to edit video according to their needs. However, video editing necessitates specialized knowledge, time, and creativity to guarantee that the content flows smoothly and the audience remains engaged.

If you make video drawings for your channel on a regular basis, you’ll enhance your talents while also boosting your portfolio.

3. Become a YouTube Partner

Regular Youtubers can gain access to unique YouTube features through the YouTube Partner Program. To make money on YouTube, you don’t need to be a partner (simply setting up an AdSense account and earning views will enough), but becoming a Partner makes things a lot easier.

YouTube Partners can earn money from a variety of sources, including adverts, YouTube Premium subscription fees, and features that directly affect your viewers’ wallets, such as Super Chat, channel memberships, and the goods shelf.

Complete details and eligibility for YPP

4. Review products on YouTube

People tend to search for opinions of Youtubers, it gives them a better insight to look at the product. Product review and comparison is indeed seen by most of us so we can know where exactly we want to invest our money.

As a result, write an unbiased and genuine review based on your personal experience with a product. Such a piece of advice will actually assist customers in making a purchasing decision, allowing you to make more money.

5. Start coaching classes on YouTube

All of us have some innovative ideas and information which many people don’t know. Start your online YouTube classes and earn by being a creator and entrepreneur.  It’s not compulsory to teach an academic subject, one can go for educating people about the basics of life, storytelling, languages, and whatnot.

Have you tried a YouTube recipe or maybe a youtuber reviewed café?

6. Collaborate with creators

It doesn’t matter if you’re aiming to grow your newsletter, podcast, or YouTube channel’s subscriber base. Collaborating with other producers is one of the most effective methods to expand your audience and enhance engagement with your videos.

After all, committed viewers have faith in the creators to whom they subscribe. If you cooperate with them, you’ll gain instant social proof in their eyes, even if they weren’t aware of your business before.

However, you should not partner with just anyone. Instead, seek for creators who are involved in your field in some way, sometimes opposite fields attract too. Imagine a dietician collaborating with a technical and talking about diet apps for product promotion, everything can happen.

7. Earn money with Google Ads

Content providers benefit from the partnership since they have access to unique resources, such as the option to monetize their films through Google AdSense. Content creators must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing time in the last 12-month period to qualify.

Pre-roll, display, and other ad formats are used by YouTube to monetize videos. Advertisers are compensated based on the number of clicks and impressions received. YouTube keeps 45 percent of the money and distributes 55 percent to the content producer.

8. Sell your own merchandise/ Product selling

Being all renowned you can earn by selling merchandize, devoted subscribers think of merchandize as a uniform of proud. Have you seen BTS army proudly wearing BTS merchandize?

You can be a renowned creator and then start merchandise or you have the product and become a video creator to sell your product. Creating a video of product descriptions to attract potential customers. In your videos, wear or use your stuff. Showcase viewers who have purchased and are utilizing the product.

9. Sponsorship for brands

Negotiate directly with the brand and get a pay check for sponsoring their product or service in your video. If you can provide companies with a large and/or engaged audience, as well as material that is relevant to their target market, they are likely to be interested in hearing from you.

When it comes to the brands you work with, quality is crucial. Most likely, you already have a wish list of desirable brands. Make sure you refine your brand pitch before sending it, whether you’re shooting for the stars or building yourself up from the ground up.

Consider using an influencer marketing platform as well. These are websites that assist marketing teams in locating acceptable influencers to collaborate with.

earn money from youtube Sponsorship with brands

10. Earn money from YouTube with live chat and do super chat on YouTube

Super chat is a feature available to YouTube partners to get fan funding during the live stream. In the live chat stream, your viewers can make their comments more apparent by highlighting and pinning them for a defined amount of time, depending on how much they spend.

Thank the viewers who do super chat as it will encourage them to get recognized by their favorite creator. This will create a positive a polite gesture on your subscribers.

11. Premium content for premium members

YouTube allows you to charge your visitors to become members of your channel. They get special emoji, badges, and access to members-only content in exchange. Only exclusives will get to view premium content and live chats with you are available.

You have to consistently upload content for both normal and premium viewers. The content must be premium and efficient to viewers or negative comments and downfall will take place.

There are even more fields to explore and give information about music and trending topics, or vlogging. Whatever you choose for yourself depends on your personal niche.